Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A word from our President, Rachel Fogle:

I am very excited that Eta Xi is starting an alumnae newsletter! I'm hoping it will be just one step in the direction of a better relationship with you. I hope you'll find this newsletter informative and exciting and give you a good look at what Eta Xi is up to these days. This semester has been packed with social events, philanthropy events, and sisterhood events not to mention our continuous involvement with other organizations on campus. We are on the final countdown to summer but I hope you'll be able to attend some of our events in the future. Also, if you have any exciting ideas for events including the chapter and alumnae, I would love to hear them. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible if you can make it out to any of our events. Its always helpful to see where sisters are today and know that you were in our shoes not too long ago!

If there's anything I can ever do for you, please contact me at
or our Chapter Advisor, Peg Witbeck, at

I would always love to hear from you!

Rachel Fogle
Chapter President
Eta Xi Chapter
Alpha Delta Pi

About our newest pledge class from NMC, Blythe Reynolds:

On October 23, 2011 Eta Xi was SO excited to welcome 34 amazing new
Alphas into our Sisterhood! The theme for Bid Day this year was “Peace, Love, ADPi”
and the chapter had a blast sporting the fanny packs, tattoos, and pearl necklaces.
After each girl ran down the steps of Neville into our arms, the chapter headed to
the patio of Belk Auditorium to celebrate with lunch, dancing, and hanging out. Each
Alpha was assigned a senior “Pi Pal” until they received their Big Diamond Sisters at
the chapter retreat the following weekend. The day continued as the entire chapter
went to Palmetto Lanes for a couple of hours of bowling and roller-skating. We
ended the day with the Alpha Ceremony and a chapter dinner at Senor Garcias. It
was a fun day to say the least!
After weeks of Alpha sessions, the Alphas officially became New Deltas at
Initiation held on Friday, December 2. Diamond Days leading up to Initiation
included a chapter dinner and a dessert gathering with messages from an Alpha, and
upperclassman, and an alumnae. After Initiation, each Diamond family went to
dinner together then gathered at Yonce for some games and the distribution of gifts.
Diamond Days and Initiation were a special time for our chapter to experience
Sisterhood, embrace our ritual, and welcome the Alphas as officially New Deltas of
Alpha Delta Pi. Each New Delta has made a positive impact on our chapter and we
are so excited for the future!

4 Years of Adpi from a graduating senior, Elizabeth Nickles:

Simply put, I cannot imagine my PC experience without being a part of such a
unique, loving and vibrant group of girls that I have had the privilege of calling my
sisters. Being a part of a group that have loved me unconditionally, encouraged me
in my doubt and who have challenged me in my walk with Christ can only be
described as a blessing and a gift. My pledge class specifically, has helped shape and
mold me in how I relate to others and how I daily interact with the community
around me to help meet the needs of others. The 26 girls that I pledged ADPi with in
October 2008, have become a daily source of laughter and entertainment and more
often than not, the group of girls I go to for support and accountability. My sisters
have been the ones to rally behind me in any activity, to write me notes during
really rough weeks, to pick up medicine for me when sick, and even the ones to play
practical jokes with. We have a lively pledge class jam packed full of personality,
leadership, mischief and witty ideas; none of us are remotely the same. I couldn’t be
anymore proud of my pledge class and more grateful that I’m a part of the bunch. I
am beyond grateful that the Lord placed this chapter in my path. I plan to carry the
relationships with me throughout my life. I may not be your “typical sorority girl”
from the outside looking in, but on the inside I have nothing but pride and
enthusiasm for this astonishing group of girls of Eta Xi.

A note from our Social Chair, Rachel Powell:

This semester Eta Xi kicked off the start of the New Year with a Roaring
Twenties themed semi formal. In March, ADPi had a crush party themed Bows and
Beaus at Bailey Memorial Stadium. The weather was just right, and everyone had
a blast. Black diamond is on April 27th. It is hard to believe the year is almost over.
Everyone is looking forward to another great formal and next year’s events.

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