Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A word from our President, Rachel Fogle:

I am very excited that Eta Xi is starting an alumnae newsletter! I'm hoping it will be just one step in the direction of a better relationship with you. I hope you'll find this newsletter informative and exciting and give you a good look at what Eta Xi is up to these days. This semester has been packed with social events, philanthropy events, and sisterhood events not to mention our continuous involvement with other organizations on campus. We are on the final countdown to summer but I hope you'll be able to attend some of our events in the future. Also, if you have any exciting ideas for events including the chapter and alumnae, I would love to hear them. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible if you can make it out to any of our events. Its always helpful to see where sisters are today and know that you were in our shoes not too long ago!

If there's anything I can ever do for you, please contact me at
or our Chapter Advisor, Peg Witbeck, at

I would always love to hear from you!

Rachel Fogle
Chapter President
Eta Xi Chapter
Alpha Delta Pi

About our newest pledge class from NMC, Blythe Reynolds:

On October 23, 2011 Eta Xi was SO excited to welcome 34 amazing new
Alphas into our Sisterhood! The theme for Bid Day this year was “Peace, Love, ADPi”
and the chapter had a blast sporting the fanny packs, tattoos, and pearl necklaces.
After each girl ran down the steps of Neville into our arms, the chapter headed to
the patio of Belk Auditorium to celebrate with lunch, dancing, and hanging out. Each
Alpha was assigned a senior “Pi Pal” until they received their Big Diamond Sisters at
the chapter retreat the following weekend. The day continued as the entire chapter
went to Palmetto Lanes for a couple of hours of bowling and roller-skating. We
ended the day with the Alpha Ceremony and a chapter dinner at Senor Garcias. It
was a fun day to say the least!
After weeks of Alpha sessions, the Alphas officially became New Deltas at
Initiation held on Friday, December 2. Diamond Days leading up to Initiation
included a chapter dinner and a dessert gathering with messages from an Alpha, and
upperclassman, and an alumnae. After Initiation, each Diamond family went to
dinner together then gathered at Yonce for some games and the distribution of gifts.
Diamond Days and Initiation were a special time for our chapter to experience
Sisterhood, embrace our ritual, and welcome the Alphas as officially New Deltas of
Alpha Delta Pi. Each New Delta has made a positive impact on our chapter and we
are so excited for the future!

4 Years of Adpi from a graduating senior, Elizabeth Nickles:

Simply put, I cannot imagine my PC experience without being a part of such a
unique, loving and vibrant group of girls that I have had the privilege of calling my
sisters. Being a part of a group that have loved me unconditionally, encouraged me
in my doubt and who have challenged me in my walk with Christ can only be
described as a blessing and a gift. My pledge class specifically, has helped shape and
mold me in how I relate to others and how I daily interact with the community
around me to help meet the needs of others. The 26 girls that I pledged ADPi with in
October 2008, have become a daily source of laughter and entertainment and more
often than not, the group of girls I go to for support and accountability. My sisters
have been the ones to rally behind me in any activity, to write me notes during
really rough weeks, to pick up medicine for me when sick, and even the ones to play
practical jokes with. We have a lively pledge class jam packed full of personality,
leadership, mischief and witty ideas; none of us are remotely the same. I couldn’t be
anymore proud of my pledge class and more grateful that I’m a part of the bunch. I
am beyond grateful that the Lord placed this chapter in my path. I plan to carry the
relationships with me throughout my life. I may not be your “typical sorority girl”
from the outside looking in, but on the inside I have nothing but pride and
enthusiasm for this astonishing group of girls of Eta Xi.

A note from our Social Chair, Rachel Powell:

This semester Eta Xi kicked off the start of the New Year with a Roaring
Twenties themed semi formal. In March, ADPi had a crush party themed Bows and
Beaus at Bailey Memorial Stadium. The weather was just right, and everyone had
a blast. Black diamond is on April 27th. It is hard to believe the year is almost over.
Everyone is looking forward to another great formal and next year’s events.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Delta: Kate Leitner

Kate Leitner

Hi! I am Kate Leitner. I am from Lexington, South Carolina. I graduated from Lexington High School and I loved it. I am a psychology major and I am thinking about sociology as a double or minor. I am a member of the PC Choir and the PC Chamber Choir. I have always loved music and been a part of choirs my whole life but the choirs at PC are a whole other level of music, which is a true passion of mine and I am very excited to be a member. I hold the positions in ADPi of co-song chair with Laura Irick, we will be filling our chapter with ADPi love through song everyday or at least leading it. I am also Panhellenic Delegate for my class. I feel ADPi is the sorority that I belonged and chose because of the girls in this chapter. I am not saying that other chapters have bad members, it is just that I feel I would have chose the girls in ADPi to be my friends if there was no label for the group, these girls are all so involved in campus and just good role models that I wanted to help model my life after and with. I also loved how I feel like everyone in ADPi knows each other, while I may not be best friends with some of the older girls I still feel that if I needed something I could call them, and they say hey to me when I walk by. One thing about our chapter that I don’t really like is that I don’t feel we are as involved in our philanthropy as we should be. Yes, we get can tabs and yes we all do a visit, but I feel like with our philanthropy we as a group could be more involved and we could bond better. For example, pledge class trips to RMH and diamond family trips could be advertised. Another idea is to get a local philanthropy so we can see firsthand what is happening and be more easily involved, since it would be closer. In our lovely chapter, we have so much happening!!! We had senior pass down last Sunday, which as a new delta I was very excited!!! It was also very emotional because it finally became real to me that Kat was leaving; however, she did pass down to my Mufasa, her large lion. I have had my eye on him since the day I ran down those stairs and now he is mine, and it’s like a little piece of her gets to stay here at PC with me. Saturday is Black Diamond! It was held at the South Carolina State Museum, and from what I hear, that is kind of a HUGE deal. I am so excited for my sisters that got to go, from what I heard it was a blast! Myself, along with my fellow ADPi Choir members were in Augusta, Georgia singing in an opera all day and were very sad we missed formal, however we all drew black diamonds on our hands in retaliation. The girls I have all talked to said it was so much fun and I am a lot jealous I was not there. The GIN system makes my life so much easier and I feel, the chapter is so much more organized with it, I wish the calendar was updated more often though. Also, for those of us who miss chapter sometimes, there was something about what happened on there. As the year is coming to a close I am very sad to see ADPis graduate but I am so excited to get some new ones next year!!! Let’s just hope next year doesn’t go by as fast as this year!

Kate and her diamond family

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Delta Profile

Morgan Bentley

It is truly my privilege to write you on behalf of the Eta Xi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi for this week. I am just so excited to introduce myself to you and fill you in on all that my chapter is doing.
Growing up in a home that received frequent Adelphean magazines addressed to my mother, I used to flip through the pages looking at the many young ladies who proudly displayed their diamond whether they were performing community service or promoting our philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. I used to tell my mom that I was going to be an ADPi like her and she promised that if I did join her beloved sorority, she would arrive for my initiation. Well, about 11 years later, she kept her promise and surprised me by showing up at my initiation.

My name is Morgan Bentley and I am a freshman at Presbyterian College. I came to Presbyterian College to play for the PC’s women’s collegiate golf team and have embraced all that a Division I school has to offer. Graduating valedictorian of my high school senior class in Blairsville, Georgia, I value academics very highly and I am currently perusing a dual degree: a Physics degree from Presbyterian College and an Engineering degree from an engineering based university. Being the daughter of two electrical engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, I find myself very mathematically driven.
In my chapter, I serve as the Assistant to the Financial Vice President. I realize this position allows for me to learn the ropes of the Financial Vice President’s job. Ultimately, I hope to have the opportunity to take on that role in the future. I have come to my job with the eagerness to learn more about the core functions in Alpha Delta Pi, provide endless help to Abby Scott, the current Financial Vice President, and perform my tasks so that the financial aspects of the chapter will run as smoothly as possible.
Even though I am a legacy, I did not join Alpha Delta Pi to continue on the tradition set by my mother. Before rush, I had met some amazing ladies in ADPi who were both in my major and leaders for the incoming freshman. Ironically, one of these young ladies hosted me on Preference night and ended up being my Big Diamond Sister. Since then, I have grown closer to my alpha class sisters and frequently spend a large amount of time with them during classes or eating lunch. I consider myself fortunate for being able to call these great girls my sisters. Additionally, I love the Christian foundation of Alpha Delta Pi. I truly feel that Christ has allowed me to become a part of this sisterhood to have close fellowship with many of my sisters.
Again, it is truly my privilege of writing the Delta Letter this week. I have sincerely loved my time as an Alpha Delta Pi sister
and cannot wait for more exciting events and opportunities to come my way.
Morgan Bentley
Pictured: Morgan(left) and her big diamond sister, Elizabeth.

Attention Alumni!!

Hello Sisters!
I have a long list of upcoming events that we would love to have your participation in! However, a lot of emails have not been updated on Pride Online! Please do this or you can email your information so that we can keep in touch with you for these events!


New Delta Profile

Betsy Bethune

My name is Betsy Bethune, and I am proud to claim I am a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Eta Xi chapter. Having grown up in Wilson, North Carolina, I was never certain whether or not joining a sorority was right for me. Once I arrived at Presbyterian College however, I was pleased to find a home within the Eta Xi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. It is truly my honor to have made such that decision last October. As a freshman at PC, my current major is mathematics. I am also the chapter’s historian. With this position I am responsible for creating the scrapbook to be viewed during recruitment. My interest in scrapbooking has been prevalent for a number of years, and I am excited to allow this interest to benefit my chapter. I also know that I will be writing the chapter’s historian report in November. I hope my position allows me to get more and more involved in the chapter.
Throughout the recruitment process I was confident in my decision to join Alpha Delta Pi. At each recruitment event, the sisters were nothing less than welcoming, making me feel as though I was truly desired as an Alpha. What I love most about the Eta Xi chapter is our intense respect and true admiration for one another as sisters. I truly believe any one of my sisters would bend over backwards in order to help me, no matter what situation may occur. As a new Delta, I am honored to be integrated into such a magnificent group of girls.
This week, Eta Xi chapter announced a number of upcoming events and actions. Each officer will now have a perso

nal e-mail account specifically for their office. This will surely allow officers to be more easily contacted and more easily accessible. Officer goals have also been posted on the gin system, I think this is a great way for all sisters to be aware of where the chapter is headed. Also, this allows all members to have continuous input if they want to. The Eta Xi chapter will also host Give A Little Love, February 9-11. We will be fundraising by selling paper hearts for $1 each in order to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Since this is the new Delta’s first philanthropy event, I hope we can really step up and show the gifts we’ve brought to the chapter. We hope many students on ca

mpus will participate in this effortless fundraiser. We are excited to embark on a new semester as the first recruitment workshop of the year will be held on February 19. I’ve heard there’s so much to learn and the sooner the better, right! I am certainly proud to be a member of such an exceptional chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. As one can see, our chapter works to be involved and enthusiastic about our sisterhood.


Betsy Bethune

Betsy(right) and sister Rebecca Freeman

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Delta Profile

Kristen Baer

My name is Kristen Baer and I am a freshman from Easley, South Carolina. I’m currently undecided on a major, but I’m thinking about majoring in business. I do not play any sports at PC, however, I danced and played varsity soccer when I was in high school.
Being a freshman in college is really scary at first and filled with unexpected challenges that I’ve never had to experience before, finding close friends was the key to helping me adjust. The girls in Alpha Delta Pi really reached out to me and made it so much easier to adjust to college life. The girls are awesome, they saw me for who I was and it was great to know that they wanted me in their sisterhood. A sisterhood I am so happy to be a part of. I feel as though they are really a second family to me. One of the things I love about our chapter is the fact that at the end we are able to forgive and forget what happened the week before, and remember that we are sisters and we live for each other! We love each other and we will always be her for one another.
We had semiformal last weekend and it was so much fun! Semiformal was my first function with ADPi, I know it’s been something my alpha class has been looking forward to and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m really looking forward to more social events with ADPi. As a chapter we seem to be having a blast together. One of my favorite things so far was Halloween. We all dressed up as the 101 Dalmatians with Kat as Cruella DeVille. It was such a cute and unique idea and we all had a blast! Also, I’m really looking forward to Black Diamond. I heard it was one of the best and a favorite of most of the girls in the chapter. Altogether Alpha Delta Pi is awesome and I love the girls I can call my sisters.

Kristen Baer
Pictured Above: Kristen(bottom) with her Diamond Family--Anna Derrick, Kate Colwill, and Sarah Derrick

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Delta Profile

Hello Alumnae!

I figured you all would love to get to know some of your new sisters. This year, Eta Xi welcomed twenty-four New Deltas into our sisterhood and we could not be more ecstatic!

Every week or so, I will post one of them on the blog so you will all be able to get to know our sisters a little more.

Please continue to send me any questions or ideas you have.

Ellen Ashley
My name is Ellen Ashley. I am a freshman from Anderson, SC. I am one of the 24 new deltas in our chapter. I have not decided on a major yet, but I enjoy being outdoors and riding horses. I really enjoyed my first semester being at Presbyterian College and am very excited to begin Spring Semester!

One of the main reasons I have enjoyed PC so much is because of Alpha Delta Pi. I chose ADPi because I really liked all of the girls. Everyone in the chapter was so friendly and welcoming! The girls all seemed very fun and close, and I saw that it was something I wanted to be a part of. I never felt uncomfortable around any of my sisters and I have always had fun with them. They didn’t skip a beat in including me. This chapter has a lot of great things about it, including, the members and their bonds with one another. There are not many things I would change about the chapter, but I hope to get even more involved with our philanthropy as the semester goes on!

A big event coming up for ADPi is our semi-formal. All of the freshmen are very excited for our first function! The chapter is also adjusting to all of our wonderful new officers! This was our first chapter meeting with our new officers, so we are noticing all of the new girls in their positions. It is a busy week for Eta Xi and we are all looking forward to all of the events to come!

Ellen Ashley

Pictured above: Ellen(bottom) and her big diamond sister, Callie.